Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Love Our Truck

Living as we do here, we need a truck and it gets heavily used, believe me. Why just look at it. It used to be a beautiful truck until the boys put a myriad of dents in it. Granted it is 1999 but still. Anyway don't get me started there. As for usage, take today for example. We are transporting two lambs to their new home this afternoon. Two weeks ago we took the goats to the shearer to get clipped. We also use it for grain transportation, firewood and hay. When I had horses, it pulled the trailer. Several times this year we had to take large objects up to the cabin. We rely on our truck to do this and the accessories enhance the usability of the truck. Our truck cap is invaluable. We would not be able to take the sheep anywhere without it. If you don't have a cap, you have half a truck. The other accessory we have is our bed liner. Without that, the bed would be have been destroyed by now. We put all manner of sharp stuff in that bed. Just as an aside, our truck has the most comfortable seats of any car or truck I have ever ridden in!