Sunday, October 28, 2007

Real Boys Do Knit & Spin

Who says real men, or in this case boys, don't knit? Not only do they knit but they are crocheting and spinning as well! My son (with the darker hair) learned how to spin and knit several years ago and even knows how to knit without needles. That's right...he can use his fingers. A friend of his came over yesterday and spent the night. After these kids took down some sheep fence, put up some new fence (probably the last before winter) they settled in for some fiber time. Alan, Mike's friend, is quite the accomplished crochet artist and I have included a photo of the hat he crocheted. He taught Mike how to crochet a hat which he is working on now. In return, Mike taught Alan how to spin on a drop spindle.

The boys crocheting with some acrylic yarn that's been around the house for years.

Crocheted hat made by Mike's friend, Alan

Mike is showing Alan his drop spindle spinning skills.

Mike switches to the wheel, which he now prefers and spins some multicolored home grown roving.

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