Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We WILL Steek!

Carla and the Big Geek are going to get together with me here, hopefully this month for a steeking "workshop". The idea of cutting through something you have knit is very scary to me. I cannot follow diagrams when it comes to techniques and happened to find this steeking video in Knit Knit Frog's blog a few days ago. I was thrilled to find this. Why the obsession to steek? Because I have seen some of the most gorgeous patterns for vests and other items that call for steeking. And I do not like to seam, so knitting in the round is the way to go for me.

Take the vest on the front cover of this book which I've had for a year now. I love it and want to do it. It calls for steeks. the whole book has some great patterns, all using the steeking technique.

Then in the new Knitpicks catalogue I received yesterday, I found something pretty cool. The Magic Marble Teleidoscope. I am not good with visualizing color combinations and this allows you to lay the yarn out the way you think you'd like to combine them and see how they would look in a more intricate color pattern. I'll have to get one but I want to get new, smaller combs first.

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