Thursday, November 29, 2007

Been Begging for These

I am an avid bird watcher and listener. The binoculars I have are pretty old now and have foggy lenses. I get pretty frustrated when I zero in on a bird and can't discern the details. Sometimes it is those very details that distinguish what kind of bird I am looking at. Maybe my husband will read this post and buy me a new set for Christmas? Actually no, he never reads this blog but I've been saying I need a pair for years now. The problem is that a good pair of binoculars is expensive but if you want good optics you need to spend the money. And speaking of optics, I could use a new microscope too. Hmm and the oldest child needs a new pair of goggles. He loses them every few years. Of course he will be paying! I found a site that has an extensive collection of all of these items under one roof and even offers free shipping. Check out Optics Planet. Have you ever looked through a night vision scope? It's pretty cool!