Friday, November 16, 2007

Felix's Tail Bitten Off!

Something terrible happened to Felix the other day. I went to feed him in the barn and noticed blood around the cage and on his hind end! I then noticed that his tail was missing! Further investigation revealed that something had bitten much of his tail off! My poor rabbit. I was thankful and amazed he didn't bleed to death through the night. He seemed none the worse for wear except that he was minus most of his tail. I presume a rat was the thief as I saw a rat dropping on top of his food tray which has a cover. But there is no way a rat can get into the cage so maybe Felix was asleep with his tail at the very edge and the rat got to it somehow? Needless to say we went and got a rat trap that is somewhat cat friendly. So far no rats have been trapped. But as you can see from the video Felix is just fine. So much for my live rat trappers. They aren't doing their jobs at all!

Felix gets along with all of my other animals. He basically pays no attention to them but Rascal, ever curious, likes to home in on any of them roaming free. Felix is no exception. Have a look at the video.