Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Famous I Think

I got a very excited email this morning from the fella who runs Random Good Stuff. This is a blog I did a guest post for yesterday, about a Bluetooth snowboard/ski helmet. I've always liked this blog and started conversing with the writer after I discovered his blog about Ireland via Stumbleupon. I didn't realize he was the same guy. He asked me if I would be interested in guest posting for both. I said sure. Heck his RGS blog gets 4,000 unique visitors a day and has 3,000 subscribers. I should be so lucky and maybe a little traffic will come my way via his blog. Well the contents of my post were featured on Yahoo TV! (Click photo to enlarge) or go to the actual link. It's number 5 and if you click on RGS it takes you straight to my article. He said this was "huge!" I am excited for him and for me if I get some link love and traffic! Check out the screen capture and then go visit Random Good Stuff!

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