Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Stuff and Felix Goes for Stroll

Well folks this is a first. I let the fire go out the day before yesterday and haven't lit it since! It's November 15th people! I am not complaining about not spending money on heating the house but it's worth mentioning that this is very unusual for this area.

I got some free stuff last week in return for an appraisal of the product, a double pizza bag! I hate cold pizza so this was a fun review to do and you can read it over at MomGadget. The bag really works. Believe it or not I used to throw a towel over our pizza...that's how much I dislike it when the cheese is all hard. Ick. I think these bags are the same type that the pizza parlors use when they deliver their pizza. When you live in the sticks, the delivery man is you!

And here is a pic of my cutie pie rabbit, out for a stroll this past weekend.