Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Stuff Comes Back Atcha

Dan said to me yesterday that he'd like to take the truck to the body shop and have the BOCES kids replace the dented panels. Our only cost, the materials. It's kind of ironic that now he really cares about those dents. Funny thing is, he and his brother put them there one day a few years ago when they were transferring wood from the ground to the truck. Tom had his hearing protection in and was cutting wood with his chain saw so he didn't see the kids. They were merrily missing the bed of the truck and occasionally hitting the sides of it instead. To say I was livid when I saw the truck, is an understatement. Now it really matters because he will be driving it next year. He asked me sweetly if we could get it fixed. He would take such good care of it. He would even go look at car covers to keep the paint pristine after it was fixed!