Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Albert Then and Now

Albert as a young 'un

As a yearling giving a honking great big nose kiss:

Albert is the man of the barn, the flock sire in shepherd lingo.
There will be a test on the relationships and ages of my flock soon. I may even offer a prize so pay attention!

In other news, I played pickleball today. I found out this morning that the game got it's name not from the inventor of the game, but from the inventor's dog, Pickle.

I think all muscles from the waist down are rebelling. Don't be fooled by the small court. Because it's fast you need to move. But you don't cover nearly as much court and we played doubles for two hours straight. I can't imagine playing singles. My tennis and table tennis experience came in handy. This game is a lot of fun. I have to go order a racket now. Incidentally I was invited to play basketball on Sunday afternoons. I think I will do it. I could use the exercise.

The house is quiet now. Tom's at work, the kids are skiing/snowboarding. The sun is shining and it's relatively warm for a day in December here. I don't mind planting my derrier in a couch and reading or knitting for the rest of the afternoon with my tunes.