Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cat Anti-Countertop System

I got this idea to share my cat anti-counter measure when I was over at the Junk Drawer reading about google nightmares and Kathy's cat.

I really can't stand it when I see my cat curled up on the counter tops in the kitchen. I envision microscopic pieces of cat litter in my morning toast! It's a dead give away too when he jumps down, if I don't see him, because I hear a thud when he lands on the kitchen floor. My latest tactic has been to grab this high tech anti-counter device

and give few short bursts of water spray. He HATES IT! You've never seen a cat run so fast....complaining the whole time too. But it works. After a week of doing that, he no longer frequents the counter tops in the kitchen. As to the scratching problems....well that's a different story. Despite all our devices, home made and otherwise

we still still have this:

We even snipped his nails which the vet suggested. So it's removal of claws in January I'm afraid. We just can't have him wreck the entire house. Forget nail caps. They just aren't practical. if anyone has any tips we can try in the meantime, please feel free to comment.

The offending Stealth Jungle Kitty

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