Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Goodies and Pickle Ball!

We were all tickled with our goodies today. I love my blue back-lit keyboard!
Click pics to enlarge.

You see I use the computer at night in low light conditions. I can't see the keys well so I use a light above the keyboard but it shines in my eyes so I hung a paper over it. It looks horrible but it works. But now I don't need any light. It's awesome! It also is a gamer board so it has 18 macro hot keys. It also has a media panel which I LOVE and an LCD display. There is a full review over at Today's Gizmos. Check it out. I have to confess, I have an odd penchant for blue light. It's such a pleasant glow in the dark.

Mike got an Ibanez bass guitar. What a beautiful piece this is.

Dark red stained mahogany with a narrow neck. Dan got an effects pedal for his guitar with a compressor that totally halts any feedback.

Tom got his 50 gauge muzzle loader. And there were lots of little gifts, including the yearly ball with a bell for Rascal. He was so funny. We placed it under the tree and in no time flat he found it. But he didn't grab it. Oh no he has more class than that! He stood there nose near, just staring at it. He would not touch it without the go ahead from us. Then he took it to his crate and carefully unwrapped it! This pic captures his tongue at work.

Oh and I finished my newsboy hat. I don't know, it kind of looks like a Japanese WWII cap no? Please give me your honest opinions.

Tomorrow I am going to play pickle ball. Anyone ever hear of this sport? I never had until yesterday. I like the idea of this game for a number of reasons. As a kid and a young adult I played a lot of competitive tennis and table tennis (Florida State Novice Champ in Table Tennis 1985) and because I've had surgery on the meniscus on one knee a few years ago and the other knee's meniscus is pretty much torn up, I get a little nervous about flat out running. So this sounds perfect.