Monday, December 03, 2007

My Solution to The Comment Issue in Blogger

I have bitten half the bullet and decided to install and stick with Haloscan, so that EVERYBODY can leave a backlink back to their site and not just Blogger blogs. It is frustrating not being able to go visit the sites of other bloggers in other domains. Folks it is easy to do and probably worth it in the end. Just remember there is a downside. You lose all previous comments.

With Haloscan, you can change the "theme" of your comments and upload an image, which I haven't done yet. So that's a little extra something that blogger doesn't have.

If we all do this then people outside of blogger domains will leave messages again that we can follow. It only takes a minute to do and it is all automated. It is very easy. Go to Haloscan and check it out. It's just a few steps. You will find that you have some statistics available and will be able to more closely manage your comments similar to Wordpress. You also get a few smilies! Weehee.

Some People are talking about Open ID which is in draft stage at Blogger as a potential fix. But the problem with that if I understand it correctly is that the comment ID link takes you back to an Open ID profile and NOT to your url, so it's useless in my opinion.

So, I see three scenarios. Keep things the way they are, migrate to Wordpress or another platform, or install Haloscan. I have chosen Haloscan. I visit all of my commenters web sites and want to continue doing so.

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