Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Knit a Bracelet

I'd like to make these:

I discovered them at SnitnKnit which i visit almost daily and Mary kindly provided the pattern url via email after I inquired. They cost $180 to buy, and that to me is utter nonsense. I could make one for pennies, well... ok.... a few bucks invested in the bangle. To those of you that have to buy yarn, it still will cost a fraction of $180! And they don't need to be cashmere do they?

Check out the full pattern here at See Mi Knit.

Meanwhile on the weather front, we are plowed and blown and it's actually a lovely day today with the sun shining brightly.

So far I have 5 gifts under my virtual tree.
If you haven't left one yet, please do and grab a tree of your own while you are at it. It's fun!