Sunday, December 09, 2007

Retro Photos

As I mentioned before I am doing the occasional review for various products over at Momgadget and the one I am currently working on which seems pretty neat is an outfit that assembles your kids' artwork, scans it, puts it on a site and then you choose the arrangement. They bind it up and send it back as a book. While I was going through years of photos I found a few. Well.... actually I found a lot but here are two and they are photos of photos. Check them out. Dan and Mike, back in the 4H show days, showing their ram in the fancy dress competition at the county fair. The theme of their fancy dress was "Rambo". Appropriate no? Ram, Rambo....get it? The other photo is back in 1998 with my foal and my 3 year old horse and the two kids. The horses have the winter coats on.

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