Sunday, December 30, 2007

School Daze

I've just been down to Connecticut to see my family and go to a party which was a reunion of sorts with friends, some of which we haven't seen in about 15 years. It was a lot of fun and we stayed until 2 am! We don't do that anymore, we are too old! Our kids came to the party with us. They listened in on some of the stories from my husbands school days, between playing computer games and watching football. Dan said later that he hoped he could do the same thing one day after he is grown up and has his own family. He hopes he will have stories that are equally as amusing to tell. I assured him that he would. Heck he already has some good ones! I couldn't help but notice that some of these stories are universal. For instance, even though I went to school 3,000 miles away from here, our class of mostly Irish kids did the same things to our teachers. For example, we would slowly inch our desks towards the front of the classroom each time the teacher turned around. By the end of the period the classroom looked rather strange. Another joke we played was to switch sweaters (yes we had shirts on underneath!). And still another was to hum very quietly while the teacher spoke, and stop the instant the teacher stopped. Of course these "jokes" were limited to certain teachers. Does anyone have similar school anecdotes to share?