Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scuba Diving and Lobster

I did quite a lot of scuba diving when I was living in Florida. Some dives were right off of the beach after an early breakfast at the local beach side cafe. Others were off of a friend's boat. One of my favorite trips was a visit to Key West which is at the very end of the chain of little islands off of the southern tip of Florida. Key West is a pretty neat little city. At any given bar there is live music. The diving is of course spectacular and when the sun is setting, there are all kinds of festivities on the dock. Jugglers, magicians, entertainers of all sorts gather as everyone watches the sun sink into the water. I have fond memories of my visit there because of my funny shark incident. Funny you say? Well read on.

I was looking for lobster. When a diver looks for lobster they are seriously hunting and pay little attention to what's around them. I frequently came back from lobster excursions covered in fire coral stings. On this particular occasion, I had my tickle stick, which is basically a flexible long and skinny rod. You poke the stick into the rocks and scare the lobsters out of their hiding places. So I was poking away when all of a sudden the stick began to shudder. I had no idea what was causing this and naturally I started to withdraw the stick. On the other end was a small shark! "Whoa"! I said and gently removed the stick and moved on! That night we did not eat lobster but enjoyed the intimate night life that is Key West. The lobster in the photo of a photo above, was one I did catch in Miami. I created quite a stir coming out from the surf onto the beach with my wriggling catch. Anyway, I plan on writing a post about my scuba forays, complete with photos sometime soon.

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