Friday, February 15, 2008

New White Ram Lamb Yesterday

The second lamb was born today! I am a little disappointed that we are only having single lambs so far. These are not new moms which tend to have singles. Maybe I need to give them some supplements before they come into season this fall. I'm not talking hoodia or anything but I will have to see if there is anything that can give them a boost. We do flush them around that time by putting them on a plane of increasing nutrition which is supposed to help drop more than one egg at a time for fertilization. They also get a good mineral supplement all year.

What a set of lungs on this little guy. In this short video I have just moved the new pair from the lambing jug into the general population pen and he is crying "mommy!" and notice how she inadvertently shoves him aside as she walks by. It's a tough life being a lamb!

What's interesting about the lambs this year is seeing how the genetics play out. For example this new white ram has his mom's long tail while the black ewe lamb has her dad's shorter tail and smaller ears. My wish is for a white ewe lamb from one of the Corriedale/Romney crosses. I have been hoping for a white ewe lamb for three years now! Each time I get the right fleece combo it's a male! So I am keeping my fingers crossed. It will be interesting to see what kind of fleeces develop in these new crosses too. I have to say I am very pleased with the hybrid vigor from this ram. So far strong lambs have been born that are on their feet and nursing quickly.