Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lunacy in Maryland!

I had planned to blog on an entirely different subject than this today, but as I was driving home this morning I heard something on the radio that made my jaw drop.Having just come from the women's locker room at the Y after pickleball, I could relate. This is from Dennis Campbell's site:

"In Maryland's Montgomery County, parents are shocked and angry — being the extremists they are — that new regulations are threatening to open girls' locker rooms to "transgendered" boys (or boys who say they are because they, um, like the thought of showering with girls).
Writing on behalf of these extremists, attorney Susan Jamison said that "any transgender could enforce his rights under this law in a court of law...and, relying on the plain reading of the statute, obtain entry into female locker rooms and restrooms with little to stop him or the many who would follow." Does that make you feel warm and tingly? Probably not, if you are a parent with a traditional concept of societal norms. Probably so, if you are a 16-year-old boy who suddenly has realized that he is transgendered."

What caused this bizarre set of circumstances? An anti-discrimination measure was unanimously passed by Montgomery County's City Council and signed by County Executive Isiah Leggett in November. Citizens for a Responsible Government is tracking the progress of its campaign on its Web site, if you would like to follow this crazy situation.

So if I lived in Montgomery County, I could have walked into the locker room this morning and been presented with a naked man, toweling off! Now I admire the male body, but I'd rather do that on my own terms! And I'd like to decide whether I want to take a shower with a man beside me or not.