Friday, March 07, 2008

New Stuff!

We had a new lamb yesterday around 5:30PM. Now and then we are fortunate to be present as the birth begins and I got some video of the new girl standing up for the first time. For those of you out there that are aspiring shepherds or farmers, or just plain curious, I also took some photos. These are not for the squeamish, so don't look at them if you are so inclined.

The ewe lamb is again a single. I really expected twins or triplets here, so that makes 4 single lambs, two boys and two girls, born so far. This gal has a cute spotted face and speckled legs. I've called her Dotty.

One of the reasons I purchased the Clun Forest breed of sheep was because of their mothering abilities and their incredible milk production. I had never seen such huge udders on a sheep before. I never worry about the Cluns having their lambs either. They will have their babies with no intervention from me. Do you know their milk is so tasty that the other lambs will try to mooch some from her? It's also got a higher fat content which the lambs may sense.

...and the video of her standing up for the first time. Notice the little knickering sounds that the mom makes to her lamb. This is the only time you will hear that sound. They stop doing it in a few days. Some moms will start knickering during labor before the lamb is actually born. Sorry about the light, but it was night time in the barn.