Monday, May 12, 2008

Money Saving Advice For paying Bills

Postage has gone up yet again so this is a good time to remind you that you can save significantly both in time and cash by paying bills online. Heck it's almost a dollar now to mail two letters! Not only do you save money in postage but you save in envelopes and checks, and they aren't cheap either. Also the time savings is huge. I can pay 10 bills in about a minute. I can't write a single check and address an envelope that quickly. If your bank charges a fee to pay bills go see the manager and tell them to waive it. That's what I did. I told them that both my kids have an account, and we have both a checking and savings account. That's 4 accounts. I said remove the charge or I will go to another bank. They did. Try it, it might work for you. Anyone who still uses paper checks to pay bills is wasting money and time. Even with a $5 monthly fee it' still cheaper now to pay bills online. We use NBT.