Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Sold Wool Comes Back as Yarn

Suzanne is a gal that I sold two fleeces to this past April. She has also reserved a few more for next year. She recently sent me some yarn from one of those fleeces. She spun it up with some tencel after she had dyed the fleece with red dye. The wool is a charcoal wool with some white fibers that take up dye to make an interesting heathery look. Isn't it lovely? She also sent a lovely card and wrapped around it was a piece of yarn that she spun from the other fleece she purchased. This was the moorit (brown) colored fleece. This is an excellent fleece, one that I have previously kept for myself. Part of the reason it is of such high quality is that this ewe's grand ram was the Big E Fair champion. I love to see what other spinners have done with my wool and am always thrilled when they send samples. Thank you Susanne!

Make sure you check out her MySpace where she plays a lovely rendition of Danny Boy. She has quite a collection of old instruments at home such as the dulcimer and is a wonderful musician.