Friday, May 09, 2008

What is it With Schools?

I'm on a rant about school again. I know our school is better than most but what does that say about the state of our education system in this country? Bullying is still rampant but that's because it's not just the kids that do the bullying. Change has to happen from the top down. It doesn't. Bad teachers are allowed to continue their employment at taxpayers expense. When I was a supervisor and Tom still is in management, the stuff that is tolerated at schools wouldn't last a day in a business, which is why schools should be run like a business. where the students are the customers. When I was the computer tech at the school I should have convinced the powers that be to buy business performance management software and set benchmarks to judge their progress in improving the school. Since my kids have been in the school district, almost 10 years now, I have seen little to no improvement with the few terrible teachers still collecting a paycheck. And we've had two principles and two superintendents in that time.