Friday, June 13, 2008

Scrabulous For Scrabble Lovers

The Someone asked me to join Facebook recently, so needing more things to keep me on the internet (not!) I signed up. But I am so glad that I did because I am now happily addicted to one of the gajillions of free aps that Facebook has. It's Scrabulous and you guessed right if you think it's Scrabble. And it is fabulous fun. I have 11 games going on right now. You can play slow games, medium speed games and fast games. I opt for the more casual slow games that are basically played one move at a time whenever you feel like it. It's a blast and it's keeping my mind sharp (if that's possible!) and increasing my vocabulary. Did you know that "qi" is a word? Well it is, and it's a great one to know because it's short and you don't need the "U". I also discovered that there are quite a few blogs devoted to Scrabble.

If you do join Facebook, look me up. We can play a game of Scrabble!

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