Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Alcoholic's Breadanonymous

So we purchased 4 loaves of Freihofer's 100% Stone Ground Wheat bread last week. We opened a loaf for lunch. Tom made some toast and I took out two slices for myself. Whoa Nelly! I caught a whiff of alcohol (no Tom wasn't imbibing!). Tom said "I thought something was funny about that bread." I told him to throw his slices away and we proceeded to call Freihofer's. I am now playing phone tag with them. Is this weird or what? We figure they use alcohol to sanitize their equipment and someone forgot to wash it out? Have any of you ever had this experience with bread? Had we eaten it, would we have gotten sick I wonder? Are we on the edge of a huge recall? Seriously you could pass out if you took a deep breath from the fumes inside the bag!