Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Brighten Up Your Salads With These Two Ingredients

Want to brighten up a dull salad? In a minute I will tell you about a few ingredients that you can add that will have even non salad lovers (like me) craving more. With my garden at it's current state I have enough lettuce for four salads each night. I also have chives but I'll be lucky to see a big crop of tomatoes until October. However I still have my bucket tomato

that has two of the green globes growing. My dream is to pick my entire salad from the back yard. Fat chance though with our growing season. Cukes will be late July. Nothing every grows at the same time here.

So to spruce up the salad, add toasted almonds and cherry craisins. The craisins give the salad a nice zing and the toasted crunchiness of the almonds adds scrumptiousness. Top the whole thing with some grated cheese if you like. You can substitute the craisins with dried cherries and probably other berries, but so far I like the cherry craisins the best. You can use roasted salted almonds too but they are expensive. If you buy the bags of almond slivers and toast them on a cookie sheet (broil setting) you get a wonderful taste added to the salad. In fact the almonds are so good you will find yourself eating them off the tray and forgetting about the salad!