Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Camping Teens

Nutritious food

The bed

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Mike and a friend of his announced that they were "rough" camping down in the ravine out back by the creek. No sleeping bags, no tents. They were going to construct a bed of hemlock boughs and they already had a filleted fresh caught trout grilling over the fire, and potatoes were boiling. Of course they had the requisite marshmallows and junk food. I predicted silently that they would be back in the house by 10pm. Now and then I would go for a walk and see how they were doing and they appeared to be having fun. At one point they heard some yipping and then all of a sudden Rascal was hightailing it out of there in pursuit of a fox. They enjoyed that. They ate well and were were very proud of their cooked meal. When they were preparing to bed down, there was a shock of lightening and a burst of thunder and they were back in the house by 10:15! It never did rain though. I took lots of photos from my perch by the house using both of our digital cameras. One day they will look back on those photos with fond memories.