Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wonder Dog?

Vlad is an indoor kitty and because of his urinary tract infections we have to keep him from the food that the two outdoor cats eat. His food is rather expensive and can only be bought directly from the vet. In our family room we have a sliding door which is perpetually open once the cold weather abates. Lately we have noticed that at various times of the day the screen door is open by a few feet and somehow I get blamed for letting the cat out.

Even tho' Vlad is an indoor kitty, he doesn't like it and takes every opportunity to bolt. He doesn't go anywhere he just likes to sniff the outside fauna and eat the other cat food. (for a cute video of Vlad slapping the dog go here.)

The other day I was sitting in front of my computer in the other room reading my friend's site about candles, when I heard the screen door slide open. I knew no open was home but figured maybe someone came home early. I called "who is there?" No one answered. Hmm I thought, let's take a look. Sure enough the screen door was open by a few feet and the dog who had been inside was gone! "It can't be," I thought. Rascal can't open that door. It's impossible. Fast forward to yesterday when Mike was wathcing TV and Rascal was outside. "Mom," he said. "I just watched Rascal let himself into the house." I wish he had a camera handy when that happened.

Who ever said Labradors aren't smart? Ours herds sheep and comes and goes as he pleases.

Rascal and Vlad chatting

The outdoor kitties, Midnite and Cistero