Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rather Large Milestone

Yesterday was a big day in many ways. The morning started with me playing pickleball. I hadn't played in three weeks and was glad to see that there were no aches and pains and I had plenty of stamina. Maybe I'm getting younger? Ha! Dan came with me and studied his driver's manual. I've never seen Dan apply himself to studying so much! Some of the ladies had to sit out as we had two people too many so they were chatting with my son. Later one of the ladies came up to me and said "You have a very charming son". I was filled with pride!

After the game we headed off to the DMV where he took his written multiple choice test. He got 100% and received his permit. They don't give those away lemme tell ya! And since I am gushing about my son I should mention that he got a gig writing for a website called Metal Underground. He hasn't posted anything yet but will be writing regular articles soon.

I stopped at the vets to get some of Vlad's special cat food and as we were walking out I handed Dan the keys. He was thrilled to drive the 16 miles home and he did very well.

I wasn't at all nervous. Realize though that Dan has been driving tractors and various machines for many years. We also have a lot of seasonal roads here where he has driven (shhhhhh). This was the first time though that he had driven my car any appreciable distance in traffic, light as it was. He did have to drive through a construction zone and pass some bicyclists.

To celebrate the event Dan and his girlfriend baked up a storm: six dozen cookies and lots of carmel apples.

Then Tom came home with some blackberries and proceeded to bake a blackberry pie!

I didn't have enough time to snap a good photo but Vlad was so cute lodged between the kids. He does need to lose weight, but heck he hardly eats much and he is huge. Do they sell diet pills for cats?