Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally I saw a Bald Eagle

Driving home from Norwich yesterday I saw a bald eagle....finally. I have never seen one, either here or up at the lake despite people telling me that they have seen them several times both here in Chenango County and up north on Black Lake. The only time I saw a live bald eagle was on the way south to Connecticut, off of route 17.

The bird was so regal as it floated on the thermals. It was an uncharacteristically hot and humid September day with the temps approaching 90 and the eagle's white head was like a bright beacon in the sun.

It was hard to get a good shot but I did my best. Click on the photo above to enlarge.

And speaking of weather, we had horrendously strong winds last night and early this morning. I haven't seen winds like this here in a long time. It flipped our sheep shelter. Fortunately the sheep were in a different pasture!