Tuesday, September 23, 2008

His New Old Bow

Mike inherited Dan's bow and we had it set up for him at the archery store. He has been practicing on a target in the front yard. New York State just recently lowered the hunting age limit to 14, so Mike will be able to carry a gun this year. This state had the most restrictive hunting laws in the nation. My kids have been shooting shot guns and rifles since they were 10 years old. They should be able to hunt with them. Of course Rascal is supervising. There isn't a thing that goes on at this farm that he does not oversee! Meanwhile Mike noticed that he has an Adam's Apple. Puberty is definitely on the move in this household. His voice is lower still and his acne has even cleared up although it was never really that bad for him. Can shaving be far behind? This is me in 2006. I'm not sure if I will bow hunt this year as my arm and shoulder have not been conditioned although with all the pickleball playing I've been doing, perhaps my arm is already in shape?