Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mounds of Fiber

I have been carding like crazy with my new carder. Carding and watching baseball appear to be a good combination!

the starting fibers

pulling the blend off the carder third pass

closer shot of blend

small sample of spun yarn


I have several ounces of Albert's (the sheep in the header of this blog) fleece carded into batts also:

and my first blending project is coming along nicely (see pics at top). The big question will be whether I will have enough of the blend, which I have dubbed Autumn Blend (how original), to knit a fall vest. Of course by the time I have it finished, it will be spring!

The orange color comes from some dyed mohair, while the darker color comes from Amelia's very dark brown fleece. I am hoping for some shimmering orange highlights which can be seen in the swatch I did. The shades are a little off as night and day photos have different light. The first two photos more closely represent the real shades.