Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Last Weekend at the Cabin

We're back from taking the boats and dock out and closing up the cabin. We are getting better at this as we had less stuff to bring back home and the dock removal was painless this year. Check out the ingenuity of this guy. He is the fella that sold us the dock.

a pretty but blurry sunset on the lake viewed from our deck

poles are removed and gangplank is "folded" over the floating dock

custom attachment seat and trolling motor "bracket"

pat drives the dock to the nearby boat launch

custom truck for easy removal of dock

all done! dock is sitting pretty on our parking pad where it sleeps for the winter

My son Dan drove home the whole way from Black Lake! There were a lot of firsts on this drive. Since we took two vehicles, Tom and Mike took the truck and Dan and I took the Kia. Dan drove on I-81 for the first time and he drove through the heart of Syracuse, also for the first time since we had to do some clothes shopping. He had to navigate across two very busy lanes to get off at the exit. That was a little scary (for me, not him!), but he was very calm and informed me that he loves driving in areas he has never been to. "It's an adventure," he tells me. It was also his longest drive to date, about two and a half hours. He also took the truck and drove the trailer for the little boat down to the launch before that. So all in all, it was a successful weekend. The weather was incredible for October! The leaves were at peak and it was sunny and mild and for the first time there was no wind the entire three days. The water was like glass and this is very helpful when removing docks and boats. We caught lots of Crappie, only the most delicious fish on earth, which had been eluding us all year. October is a very good month to fish at the lake.