Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin is Useless

Palin's canned and well rehearsed "debate" was shocking. Her zooming right past Biden's emotional comments about his son showed that she couldn't slip off that automaton track she was on for one second or she'd stumble. She had her talking points and by golly she was going to say them! Her constant use of the word maverick was nauseating. And did you notice her staring at those precious notes? Her interview with Katy Couric was the real Palin (watch this video and tell me you weren't/aren't shocked), lest anyone think that was Palin at the debate last night. And in this debate, she didn't answer any questions, and even told the moderator she wouldn't. Shame on the moderator for not insisting that she answer her questions. Her winking at the camera and her "folksiness" was embarrassing and to an outsider from another country, we must look like a bunch of fools to be considering this bimbo as a VP. We don't need folksiness. We need a serious leader who actually knows the issues. Chances are reasonably good that if McCain gets elected, the VP will be the president before his term is up. If that doesn't make you want to throw up your breakfast.....

And 4 more years of Nukyaler? NOOOOOOOOOOO

Expand the powers of the VP? Is she for real?