Saturday, November 15, 2008

Broken Things, Jobs and Wood

So the firebox or whatever it's called in the furnace needs to be replaced and the gas tank in the SUV may also need to be replaced. This is after we bought 4 new tires for the truck and had two vehicle alignments. I guess it's a good thing I got a job! And speaking of job, week one consisted of 4 days, as Tuesday was a holiday. That was nice. And the good thing about being hired now is that I will have earned one year of seniority after just two months, come Jan 1. Then I am eligible for 5 weeks of paid time off. The facility has a nice walking trail which is always kept clear because the water treatment ponds are out there. It's plenty long enough for a good half hour walk after lunch and I plan to avail of it as often as possible. It's also a pretty piece of property with hills and fields all around. I started learning the system (SAP) I will be using to plan production and was given the products that I will be responsible for. I am working with a young crowd of professionals and everyone is very helpful.

Daniel also got a job, right across from school, so he can walk over and work a few hours every day after school. This was unusual good luck, especially in these times of layoffs, as this facility just received the largest order ever, in the history of the plant.

I've become something akin to a royal watcher where the Obama's are concerned. I really enjoy hearing everything about them. I saw the girls' rooms in the Whitehouse yesterday. So cute (and expensive). I plan on watching this presidency closely.

Progress on the scarf continues and I plan on knitting some ornaments for the holidays. Knitting pics will be forthcoming.

We had this ridiculously warm day last weekend. Just look at Mike's garb (or lack thereof). Starting this coming week we will be in the 20's and thirties and back to seasonable weather.
Taking advantage of the comfortable weather the menfolk cut down a tree that had blown over and was resting on some other trees. We will use this for firewood.