Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We Can!

What a night and what a speech! I think Obama had most of the population pretty teary eyed when he delivered his eloquent and passionate speech. His powerful words were what we all needed to hear. This country is so very broken and I am confident that this man can lead us to better times. I am always mindful of the fact that he is still a politician, but not since Kennedy has anyone elicited such emotion and joy from the masses. And just look at the voter turnout!

It was with some surprise that I watched McCain's concession speech. Did you notice the difference between the McCain last night and the McCain who for the past several months was ensnared in Karl Rove's dirty claws? It was evident almost immediately. This was the genuine war hero that I remember from years past. Too bad he tarnished his legacy with dirty and divisive politics towards the end. I also couldn't help but notice his crowd's reaction when he mentioned Obama, and Obama's crowd's reaction when he mentioned McCain. It speaks to the culture that became the accepted hateful way to behave and is hopefully a thing of the past as this country joins together to tackle the problems confronting us now.

I am thrilled at the outcome and glad that I can be proud of our country again. I have waited a long time to start looking forward to this country's future and I can't wait for the inaugeration and a presidential address!