Thursday, December 25, 2008

If You Like Alison Krause

You will love Nickle Creek. This group is excellent. Considered Blue Grass, Folk, Alternative Country or Acoustic to name a few genre labels, this is my favorite group right now. People ask me how I can go from Apocolyptica, a metal band (4 classically trained cellists that do Metallica covers and their own stuff) to Nickle Creek, and I tell them I love music. The genre doesn't concern me, the music does. If it pleases me I don't care whether it's progressive, classical, doom metal or blue grass. Go to their site and play the songs on the site, especially the first one :

I am shopping for a laptop. One of the key components in my new laptop will be an excellent sound card. I think I will choose the new Dell Studio 17. It doesn't not need to be too portable as I will only move it around the house and perhaps up to the cabin. So I want the 17 inch screen, I want a Bluray slot dvd drive as I plan on connecting it via HDMI directly to the TV to watch downloaded movies. And I want a big hard drive. I have been waiting for the price to drop. Does anyone have one? I have been looking around for about 4 months now and I always come back to the Studio. I am not a gamer so I don't need a wickedly good video card but I need a decent one for photography and video. Any advice?

I snapped this pic of Sam today.

I've been snapping all sorts of pics all day long. The macro on this camera is fantastic. Just look at this closeup of a Christmas Cactus bud. Yeah it's a little late. Click on the photo. The detail is amazing.