Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Lamb Born in Minus Eighteen!

We had our first lamb this morning and it was minus EIGHTEEN degrees! We've never had a lamb born in such extreme conditions and I wouldn't be surprised if it was colder overnight. This is the temp as of 7:30 am this morning, after the sun had risen. Sassafras is doing just fine and is suffering no ill effects from the weather. Check out here white head and partially white leg socks. This is the most I've seen of a second color on my babies. Her mom is a Moorit, named Apulia. Remember. this is the mother who rejected her first baby many years ago and with a little effort the following year, was forced to accept her new baby. Since then, she has been a tremendous mother. Too bad she never has twins and this is very surprising considering that her mother always had multiples, but this lamb will have gorgeous fleece as all her lamb have sensational fleeces.

And speaking of fleeces my cat Vlad has yielded about 2 ounces of fiber since he arrived. It's been a few years of collecting and it's slow going. This is because the small mound on the left is what he yields in one brushing and I don't brush him nearly as often as I should. I have noticed that the stored fiber is tending to felt, but not to the point where I can't spin it but I think I will change it's storage location and make sure nothing is pressing down on the bag. I hope to make a hat with it someday and combine it with a small amount of sheep's wool. It is very much like angora, so I will spin it directly from the mound with no preparation. And speaking of Angora, my rabbit Felix, passed away a few weeks ago. He ended his days happily surrounded by a bunch of girls.