Friday, January 02, 2009

Need Space or a Backup?

Rather than buy a new laptop and give this one to the kids, I decided to purchase an external hard drive instead. After all this PC is still lightening fast and has duo processors. It just needs some maintenance like deleting old files and old mail along with some reorganization and defragmentation. I've spent the past three hours doing just that and transferring music and photos onto the new drive. The drive solves a multitude of problems. Both boys having no hard drive space for their MP3's and movies. I need a 2nd backup for photos, my mail program and important documents. I use Delicious, so no longer worry about losing my favorites. I shopped around this week, read lots of reviews and came up with the 650 G Buffalo Drive and I LOVE IT! It's a 7200 rpm drive, with USB 2.0, and comes with a few utilities such as the ability to set up auto backups of important files. I toyed with the idea of a terabyte drive but they have fans and I didn't get a super quiet PC to have to listen to a fan. Who needs 1,000 gigs of space anyway!? And buzzes and hums annoy the heck out of me. This drive is QUIET and it doesn't get too hot. All of a sudden I have loads of room and it cost only $74! You just can't beat that and I recommend it to anyone running short on space and/or looking for a backup source that is not a part of the computer. My only complaint is that the USB cord is too short if you want to move it somewhere other than right next to your PC. But that problem is easily fixed. I think we have more USB cords than pretzels right now.