Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slum Dogs and Wiis

If you haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire I suggest you go see it. It's a very good movie that garnered many Oscar nominations and Golden Globes. In other viewing news, the United States of Tara, a new show on Showtime directed by Steven Spielberg, is very good entertainment. It's just a half hour show about a mom with multiple personality disorder and two teenage kids, and the other personalities that I have seen so far are hilarious. One is a male redneck, the other is a sex crazed teenage girl. How these characters interply with the other family members is great fun.

In other news I purchased a Nintendo Wii after several planner buddies told me they use it religiously to work out. They purchased the Wii Fit bundle which includes a balance board and the software. So far I've done lots of the Yoga exercises and some balance games like skiing and ski jumping. When the Sports disc arrives (that should have been with the package!!), I will try the boxing which is supposed to be an excellent workout. That's also the disk that comes with the now famous bowling, tennis and more. My primary reason for buying the Wii (I really hate that name, I sound like a dork when I say it) was for a fitness program. It's great the way it logs your results, lets you set goals and rewards you for achieving them. But getting hold of a Wii was a chore. No one has them in stock! The Wii Fit is also hard to get a hold of. The only way to get either is to pay a fortune online at a private store, or try to win an auction on Ebay where you will also pay a little more that the $240 IF you can find one at Walmart or Best Buy. So I bought one on Ebay and it turned out that the seller was a crook! Fortunately Ebay pulled the listing and Paypal held my $299 payment. However I wasn't going to get my money back until 10 days had past and the seller had time to make good. In the meantime we discovered that Best Buy in Syracuse had 15 Wii's but we weren't going to be up that way until the following day. The manager would not let us pay for it and reserve it and said the chances were slim to none that any would be left the next day. He said those 15 were what was left of a 50 piece shipment that came in that morning! So since I was still waiting for the next Ebay auction that I won I asked Tom to buy one in Best Buy if there were any left. I planned on turning around and selling it if the Ebay auction Wii was good. Obviously the 2nd auction Wii (presumable, it's not here yet but it shipped)is good so it will be going back up on Ebay as soon as it gets here.