Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kids Play Winterfest

The boys' latest band iteration played Winterfest at school Friday. It went well and the crowd really got into it.

On Saturday we went to the Syracuse Boat Show. It was a little disappointing but I guess when you try to compare a show in Syracuse with one in Florida there is absolutely no contest. That probably has to do with the fact that boats in Florida are ocean going so you get to see lots of multimillion dollar boats. However there were a few boats going for over 100k. There weren't as many accessory booths as I would have expected and much of it was very repetitive with few smaller fishing type boats. I did spot an interesting kayak made by Hobie Cat. It was a combination pedal kayak (using penguin technology) sail boat and paddler and weighed in at 62 pounds. What a neat idea! Pics will follow.