Sunday, February 08, 2009

Socks, Pancakes and Lambs

We discovered a home grown NY band that hails from Sleepy Hollow. Their music is good and they have won a few awards but the best part is they are playing nearby in a coffee house owned by Colgate University, in Hamilton. It's a small, intimate venue and we will be there on the 20th. I am really looking forward to seeing these guys live and having some delicious ice cream or muffins while enjoying the tunes. Describing their music is hard as it's quite diverse; a cross between rockabilly, Floyd, Bowie, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and whatever. Their name is ridiculously long; Gandalph Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams. They have a MySpace page so check them out and listen to their songs. If you don't like the first one or even the second one, you will eventually find one or three that you like at least.

Saturday's have become Mike's pancake day. He loves making them, doesn't destroy the kitchen in the process, and we all love to eat them. He even set the table and poured the juice.

Some new lambs were born this week and one of the black ones has the same crazy white markings as the first one that was born. A set of twins, one white and one black were also born, but unfortunately the white one didn't make it into the next day. We don't know why. So the count now, so far is 4, three ewes and one ram.


Latika and Jamal

I finished the first sock and I have to say I love the toe up method. The gusset area looks much nicer and it's a great way to see how high you can knit the calf before you run out of wool. I will have to redo the bind off as I made it too tight and it's cutting off the circulation in my leg! The directions said to bind of in ribbing and I've never bound off while changing stitches so I will give that a whirl and see if I can do that.