Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and Cabin is Open

We opened the cabin Saturday. What a gloomy weekend it was weather wise up there.  But the good news is there were no burst water pipes, so we are getting better at winterizing the place. Because of the high winds, rain and lightening, we did not get the dock in. It will be in by Memorial weekend. We had hoped to put the the Jonboat in but again the weather was not cooperating. So we left it there on the parking pad. I got some yard cleanup done...lots of broken branches and twigs. I even did a little raking although the leaves were wet. There aren't nearly as many leaves this year.

I've been determined to get better photos of the hummingbirds so we removed the screen on the window. However these pics are still taken through glass so my next challenge is to sneak outside and take one with nothing between me and the bird. This is the female, who has no splash of red on her breast. Both the male and the female have been at the feeder together. Click to enlarge!

Umphrey's McGee is playing in baldwinsville. If you like Phish, you will like these guys. The venue is a picnic area/park type setting. I think we will go.

Mother's Day saw us drivng home from the cabin. Once home, Tom made a scrumptious dinner of Porterhouse Steak, mushrooms and a pasta salad with artichoke hearts and olives.  We all sat down together for this feast which of late has been unusual with Dan working and Mike playing baseball or practicing. It was nice to have the whole family together! While we were gone the sheep shed had flipped from the very high wind. It was a good thing no sheep were injured.  It flipped right into the next pasture and broke.