Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Shopping at Walmart? Think Twice

You might want to think twice about shopping at Walmart. Recently they have come under more fire than usual for allegedly harassing anyone remotely behaving pro union. They supposedly have hidden cameras in employee lounges and you can get into trouble or even fired for whispering because you may be conspiring to unionise. We have all heard about their shady practices, discrimination policies, lousy pay and so forth but the latest news is that top execs have known they had illegal imigrants cleaning their stores. Got to watch that bottom line after all. But worse than that, worse than taking jobs from American citizens who desparately need them to support Bush's tax cuts for the rich, is the news that these immigrants are living crammed like sardines in trailers and hovels and sometimes even sleeping at the back of the Walmart stores. They are still people. Walmart says they have no "direct" knowledge of this. Yeah right. The Feds are on the case. In another incident, two employees in Hawaii have filed a suit complaining that Walmart shaved their time cards. Thousands of hours were deleted from their time cards.