Sunday, December 18, 2005

Great Music

Found a great new "radio" website via Time magazine. It's called Pandora and is located at Registration is pretty painless. Once registered you can set up as many stations as you like but I am happy with just the one station. Pick one of your favorite bands or artists. Pandora will play it. Then as the ensuing songs play you can tell Pandora that you like them or not, (or do nothing) and the station becomes fine tuned to your likes and dislikes. What I love about this site is that I have never heard of many of these artists and I have been listening to music extensively for a very long time. You can order CD's online directly from what's playing, or add it to your favorites.'s free. The kids have their station going on their computer upstairs and I have mine going here. We have cable modem and you would need at least DSL to use this radio. Unlike many of the radio stations out there, the quality is darn good, I can't find fault with it and I am very fussy.