Monday, December 19, 2005

Throw Bush in Jail

He feels he is above the law so he breaks it and spies on whoever whenever. Gonzales defense on the Today show was embarrasing. Bush needed warrants to wiretap and that's a fact. Is anybody that can do something about it, do something about it apart from rants and raves? Will the Dems stand up? Comments on Kos say we should all file FOIA's and find out if we have been wiretapped. I mean, heck, I call friends in Irealnd every once in awhile...and there's that gang there....the IRA.......sooooo...have I been tapped?


Oh and did you see his speech last night? Normally I can't watch him, I get a peculiar feeling in my stomach that makes me want to get rid of dinner...but I had planned on watching Masterpiece Theater on PBS and the speech pre-empted it! Boy was I mad. So I settled in and watched, tried to keep my food in my stomach and basically watched nothing. He didn't say anything of substance as usual, and made his incoherent usual.