Friday, December 09, 2005

The Weight of Snow

I am trying to get out from under the weight of holiday shopping and snow blowing to blog a little but I am being unsuccessful. I am having the usual snow blowing problems, broken pins because our blower sits on the Cub lopsided and the limiter for the blade on the Kubota is set too high (it's a new blade) and my boys, not knowing their superhuman power, tightend the bolt sooooo tight that mom can't loosen it to let the blade drop a little further and one boy is at a friend's (snow day today) and the other isn't quite strong enough. So half our driveway is done at least. We can hack most snow, Tom has claws, I have snows and 4X4 and the truck has 4X4 and good new tires but any guests may have an adventure at the top of the driveway today.

Why is today a snowday in CNY? No idea, we got about 5 inches and it was done by the time the kids would have gotten on the bus. This is Central NY folks not CT or Ireland.