Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lick the Sugar Habit

I am reading a book entitled "Lick the Sugar Habit" by Nancy Appleton PhD. This is because I consume way too much sugar and would like to remedy that. I have a huge sweet tooth and eat lots of candy...or did. I have known about sugar being bad for years but reading the book was kind of an aversion therapy that got me motivated at last. My weakness was Sugar Babies. I can eat a whole bag almost instantly.
The book explains why sugar is basically poison and how it does your body quite a bit of harm. I am happy to say I allow myself one cookie and 4 sugar babies a day and I don't add sugar to my tea like I used to. The first day was HARD. How do you stop at just four Sugar Babies!!?? It got easier tho' and the cravings stopped for the most part. No I am not going to give up sugar completely, that's almost impossible but by significantly decreasing my sugar intake I am doing myself a favor and actually feel the best I've felt in ages. You would be amazed at the medical conditions, apart from the obvious one....diabetes, that sugar can eventually cause. I also drink chamomile tea and have not had any caffeinated products since July. While I was reading this book that nasty aspertame reared its ugly head head again (see Decmeber archives on Aspartame). That stuff is so nasty, and we have banned it from our household.