Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Protopage- Very Cool

Protopage allows you design a web page with sticky notes, links, feeds etc. You can have your own wallpaper or a choice of stock papers. You can customise the look, make it private or accessible to the WWW. There is a nifty calendar in the top right hand corner, you can window shade your boxes. You can also stream video from it altho' I have yet to fully investigate that feature. I am currently using it as my start page.

Here is what Techcrunch says about it:


Virtual desktops are in vogue this week. Unlike Goowy (profiled yesterday), which is flash based, Protopage is all Ajax, baby.

Visually it is both functional and beautiful. Drag, drop, add, and delete. Totally cool.

Applications are somewhat limited for now: sticky notes, to-dolists, favorite links and quick searches. Also, the initial start page is a bit crowded, although it took only a few minutes to customize it.

I imagine they’ll have email and other cool widgets added soon - more are definitely needed.

What’s the business model? No idea. It’s totally free and sans-ads, at least for now. No registration at all is required to use it, although to name the page you need to go through an email verification. Check it out.