Friday, April 07, 2006

Bush is a Traitor and So Is the Rest of his Gang of Liars

Why isn't anyone telling it like it is? Bush is a traitor and definitely unpatriotic. IMPEACH HIM and I guess now he should go to jail. Isn't it treason to out a CIA agent? Oh, I guess not as long as it's the President doing it.

An anonymous white house spokesmen made this incredible statement: "While the loss of Mrs. Plame's undercover status is regrettable, the president is unapologetic about his decision to sacrifice her... this is what great leaders must be able to do without hesitation."

How can anyone call this person a "great leader"? HOW???

Bush: “If There Is A Leak Out Of My Administration, I Want To Know Who It Is. And If The Person Has Violated Law, The Person Will Be Taken Care Of”... [9/30/03]

But look at this???????????? I guess it's only to be expected at the Faux News Network

Brit Hume's wail: FOX News Studio Cheers!

Brit Hume went on FOX this morning to defend Bush over the new Libby/NIE information, but what caught my eye was the way the rest of the studio reacted after he demanded FOX take down the graphic of the headline that appeared on the screen. Everyone is cheering and clapping.

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