Thursday, April 06, 2006

My New Computer

So I've been getting impatient with my current computer. I mean heck it's all of 4 years old now and at 1760 mHz overclocked it's getting slow. But worse than that is seeing all these hyperthreading dual core machines out there. When I play an MP3 and try to surf or open Paintshop or Photoshop it takes awhile. When I do some major photo editing same deal. AND I have some tapes from my digital DVD camera still waiting to be converted into DVD's. When I worked at the school I just borrowed the Imac. Soooooooooooooooooo I have been shopping for a year and my deal came up. I have been watching the Dell gaming systems. Why gaming systems you ask? Because I want the muscle, that's why! And my ship came in because I found a coupon for 10% off at the best deal site in the world at (not just electronics) and when I signed up for a Dell account I got another 2% off. They are also offering free shipping. This system was $998 without the monitor (I have the gorgeous LCD my hubby got me a few weeks ago to go with it) and speakers. I upgraded the video and audio card (SB Audigy 5.1 Dolby) and the best part (apart from the dual core that is) is the RAID drives! Yipee, mirrored drives that back each other up. I NEED that. MY life is on this computer. If my hard drive became toast I'd be toast. I pay my bills, do my job, run the farm, get the weather and a million other things on this PC. If I lost my email stash...Oh I can't even imagine.
Did I mention it's supposed to be very quiet? That's important when it's in the living room. And it has a dual layer dvd burner and a cdrw.
I was going to build my own again but you just can't beat this price for what you are getting. Granted I had my heart set on the AMD X2 chips that outperform the Pentiums but that's the way the fan spins I guess.
It doesn't ship to the 19th but I want it NOW. Here it is: XPS 400 Product Details